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January/February 2021


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As you will be aware the government announced all schools in the local area will not start the spring term until 18th January 2021.  However, the government have said all Early Years settings will be open for all children to be able to attend from 4th January.  We would ask that you do not send your child to preschool if they are even slightly unwell and if anyone in your household/bubble display any Covid symptoms you all need to isolate and get a test.
As you can appreciate this situation can change at any time, and preschool could possibly only be open to the children of keyworkers. 

Labelling - Please make sure your child’s name is on all clothing, coats, shoes, bags, lunch boxes and drinks bottles.  Bags, lunch boxes and drinks bottles must be able to be sprayed and wiped to minimise the transferring of germs.


Snacks – We will continue with our policy of parents providing their child’s snack.  Please remember to cut grapes lengthways and to cut up tomatoes.  You are reminded this should be a healthy snack, preferably fruit, vegetables, cheese or a breadstick, and to stick to recommended age appropriate portion size.


Food Bank – preschool are continuing to collect items for the food bank so if you would like to donate anything please give it to Terri or Annette and they will ensure it reaches the appropriate collection point.


Drop off/Pick up – we are continuing with the drop off and pick up system this term.


Thank you – we would like to thank all the parents/carers for continuing to support us by following all the current guidelines, especially in these challenging times.


Shared care – if your child goes to a child minder, another preschool or nursery please let Terri or Annette know they have shared care with another setting.


Fees – please check your emails for your invoices.  Fees will need to be paid by Wednesday 27th January, at the latest.


In view of the current pandemic if your child is unwell at all do not send them into preschool.  If you need to give your child Calpol or any medication do not send your child in as it may be masking another illness.


If someone other than the main carers are dropping off or picking up your child, please inform Terri or Annette of the name and contact number of that person.  This is for track and trace purposes.


Please do not allow children to bring items in from home, especially toys and comforters as they can not be wiped or sprayed and can transmit germs.


Diary Dates

The following are the current diary dates.  However, these are all subject to change.


Spring Term – 4th January – 26th March

Half Term – 15th – 19th February


Summer Term – 12th April – 16th July

Half Term - 31st May – 4th June

May Day Bank Holiday 3rd May



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